Letter: Liar in Oval Office

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Liar in Oval Office

Sir: While Americans are desperately trying to avoid losing a president whom, in many ways, they admire, they might recognise that there are two qualities supremely important for a president. These are courage and tenacity to the truth. They are what the foundation of the United States was about. They are also crucial in representing the most powerful economic and technological country in the present world chaos.

A courageous president committed to truth would have resigned eight months ago, when asked the key question in January. He would have confessed and apologised to his wife and family and to the other lady involved. He would have apologised to the American people and all their allies. He would have told the truth (trivial and dull though it is) and promptly resigned to rebuild his family.

The odd thing is that that would have been a president that all America, and we, their friends, would have fought desperately, and rightly, to keep in office.


Redbourn, Hertfordshire