Letter: Lib Dem battle

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Sir: A by-election or national poll of just 152 people would not get any credibility from your newspaper or any other. So why do you give so much space to your "poll" of 152 self-styled Liberal Democrat activists ("Hughes ahead in Lib Dem contest", 26 July)? Nowhere do you say how these were selected from more than 90,000 Liberal Democrat members.

Charles Kennedy has the support of more than half the party's parliamentary team (compared with no more than three MPs supporting any other candidate) and he was nominated by more than 500 members, activists and councillors from over 80 constituencies.

However, the decision is with the members as a whole, and Charles is determined to earn their votes. That is why he has published the fullest manifesto of any candidate, concentrating on social justice, the environment and continuing democratic reform.

I believe that Charles is the best candidate to be leader of the Liberal Democrats - and that he will win.


(Truro and St Austell, Lib Dem)

Charles Kennedy's Campaign Chairman

House of Commons

London SW1