Letter: Lively Liverpool

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Sir: As a teenager from a Liverpool suburb, I was surprised that you chose to portray such an outdated and negative stereotype of our city ("New York chooses city of Beatles as its twin", 17 July).

Your unfavourable comparison with New York overlooks the diversity of Liverpool's many attractions. You cite New York's Central Park as a major attraction, but omit to mention that its design was actually copied from our very own Birkenhead Park.

The Albert Dock, which you concede is "worth a visit" is the largest collection of Grade 1 listed buildings in the country, now transformed into a lively venue with museums, restaurants and bars. You neglect to mention Liverpool's two most famous night-clubs: Cream and the Cavern.

The riots to which the article presumably refers occurred in 1981 (at a time when there was rioting in many cities) in the inner city area of Toxteth and not in the suburbs.

Liverpool's climate is mild, not cold, with winds coming from the Irish Sea, not the Atlantic!