Letter: London figurehead

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Letter: London figurehead

Sir: After reading your editorial ("London just wants someone who will stand up and shout", 16 November), I realise there is only one honourable option for Labour supporters in the forthcoming vote for the powerless figurehead to represent London.

There seems little point in going to the trouble of creating a devolved assembly if it remains the puppet of the Government, so having Frank Dobson foisted upon us will not be popular. And whilst Ken Livingstone is still fondly remembered by Londoners, perhaps too many people are starting to realise that the policies he is still espousing kept Labour unelectable for 18 years.

I will be voting for Jeffrey Archer, the most presidential of the candidates (albeit more akin to Clinton than Lincoln). Normally the official Conservative candidate would not be the obvious choice, but in this situation, where there will be no real power but enormous opportunity to embarrass the Tories, his "unconventional" history becomes an asset rather than a liability.

Tony Blair should heed the warning of the Australians, who voted for an unpopular candidate, the Queen, in preference to a head of state appointed by parliament.


London SW12