Letter: London's hunt debate

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Sir: David Aaronovitch and others bash Ken Livingstone for gesture politics for sponsoring a Bill to ban fox-hunting (Comment, 17 December). They say he must be doing this purely to gain more support for his bid to become London's mayor.

Millions of people who care about animal welfare think that politicians should actually deliver on their pledges. At the last election Labour promised action on the issue. Just last July Tony Blair promised a ban "as soon as we possibly can".

Fox-hunting may not take place in London, but it is an issue that many Londoners feel passionately about. What would David Aaronovitch suggest? Only people living in the countryside have the right to a view on fox- hunting?

He may also suggest that only car owners should have a say on the roads programme, or that only people who own businesses should have any say on how the economy is run.


London NW2