Letter: Lovable Germany

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Sir: My first reaction to Philip Hensher's article deploring our negative attitude to Germany and its language (Comment, 3 September) was of surprise that he should be surprised.

We are bombarded by all but a creditable few of the national newspapers with negative images of Germany - grown fat on Marshall aid and their dominant economic position in the EU, to say nothing of their regrettable habit of beating us at football. And if they aren't conspiring against us with the French and refusing to eat our beef, they're a boring, humourless bunch of workaholics.

But Germany bears part of the blame for its image. I work with many Germans, and am constantly asking them why so large, interesting and scenically lovely a country does not do a better job of marketing itself as a holiday destination. Nobody has given me a satisfactory answer. Do the Germans, in fact, care that we don't care much for their country?