Letter: Man not United?

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Sir: Martin Edwards and cohorts have contrived to tear the heart out of Manchester United Football Club.We have rarely played exciting football since the decline of Eric Cantona. The salary requirements of world class strikers are derided. Merchan-dising is prioritised over fan loyalty. For heaven's sake, a disc jockey is employed on match days who plays Oasis!

The club coins in twice that of its nearest rival, four times the premier league average, twice the revenue of Juventus and AC Milan combined (who, curiously, can afford world-class salaries), and anticipates financial bonanzas from its own Pay TV station and from putative European leagues.

Must it now further humiliate its fans and sacrifice its soul at the alter of corporate power games? A change in the hierarchy and management style is welcome, but one that restores the vitality and culture of a once-wonderful football club.


Ilkley, West Yorkshire