Letter: Mandelson is wrong

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Sir: Peter Mandelson says in his letter of resignation : "...I do not believe I have done anything wrong or improper. But I should not, with all candour, have entered into the arrangement."

Wrong, on both counts. If Peter Mandelson can secure finance at advantageous terms why should he not purchase a house that he wants in the area he wants?

It is not the house purchase, the value of the house or the method of its financing which is crucial. What is central to the whole affair is disclosure or, more accurately, lack of disclosure.

By failing to disclose his arrangement with Geoffrey Robinson (and there were many opportunities to do so) he allows the public to conclude quite reasonably that there is something to hide.

Politicians are accountable to the voters, who can only make an informed choice if all the facts are known. Concealment is to treat the electorate with contempt. Mandelson is to be applauded for resigning and for doing so quickly but he is wrong to suggest he has done nothing wrong or improper.