Letter: Mayoral follies

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Sir: Having read Ken Livingstone's article "The truth about the Blair mayor project and how it is helping Frank Dobson" (15 December), I am deeply concerned about the apparent unfairness and breach of democratic rules over the choice of Labour's candidates.

I happen to know and respect all three of them. Up to now I have received one mailshot from Frank Dobson and been canvassed by telephone on his behalf. I made it clear to the canvasser that I would make up my mind after hearing from all the candidates about their policies for London.

It now appears that, unlike Frank Dobson, neither Ken Livingstone nor Glenda Jackson have had access to the party lists and cannot therefore communicate directly with party members. Until this injustice is corrected I, and probably the majority of party members, are unlikely to vote for Frank Dobson.


London NW3