Letter: Millennial doubters

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Sir: It was heartening to read James Dalrymple's article in praise of the Millennium Dome (13 December).

During the last 12 months the British Tourist Authority has mounted an intense international marketing campaign, involving print materials, the Internet, press and PR, exhibitions and events, to promote "millennium Britain" on the theme "Britain - Now is the Time". We are seeing enormous interest in the Dome from overseas. Inquiries to our offices around the world are at an all-time high, and we are expecting a record number of visitors - 26.5 million of them - to come here next year.

However, we have been very concerned that the continued criticism in the British media would filter abroad and damage our promotional efforts and, ultimately, our pounds 14bn inbound tourism industry.

Now is the time to be proud of what Britain is achieving and to bask in the excitement and interest we're creating around the globe. Britain is doing more than any other country to mark the millennium.



British Tourist Authority

London W6