Letter: Millennium bug

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Sir: Oh no; you've opened the dreadful "real" millennium door again and I know it will let in an odyssey of 2001 letters (letter, 9 January).

Rather than this, can we all agree that: 1.We will disagree; 2. Dionysius Exiguus failed to place a "year 0" between 1BC and 1AD because nobody had informed him of its existence; 3. Had he been aware of the zero concept, he would have incorporated it and saved all the ink and paper wasted on the debate; 4. 31 December 1999 at midnight will be 1,000 years since the last millennium part; 5. Those who don't care will have a good time 31/12/99 - 1/1/00. 6. Those who do, can have another 12 months later; 7. There should be no more correspondence on this subject?