Letter: Millennium strike

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Sir: Whilst computer confusion or total collapse at the time of the rollover to the next century may be fascinating to some and frightening to others, there is a more serious consequence of this event beginning to emerge.

I am becoming aware of deep rumblings from lower-paid night workers in the service sector, who might be required to be on duty that night. Words like "unavailable", "sick" and "holiday" are being used, unless they are promised a major millennial bonus in the order of pounds 500 to pounds 1,000.

Employers are going to have to get to grips with this problem very shortly or I can see "utility" directors manning control panels, chief constables walking the beat, no ambulances or fire engines and a distinct shortage of pubs and clubs in which to celebrate the Millennium. Perhaps the Prime Minister may have to answer his own telephone!

For just one night in a thousand years, will this be a time when the meek shall inherit the earth?


Southport, Merseyside