Letter: Minimum wage

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Minimum wage

Sir: Far from being "theology dressed up in statistical mumbo-jumbo" (leading article, 19 June), the formula for the nation minimum wage proposed by Unison, T&GW and other leading unions is the only way to ensure that low-paid workers benefit from the full fruits of economic growth. The formula ties the wages of low-paid workers to the general movement of wages, and promotes social cohesion and social inclusion.

Only 6 per cent of all workers would benefit from a minimum wage set arbitrarily at pounds 3.60, while around 20 per cent would be better off earning half median male earnings (worth pounds 4.60 an hour) as proposed by the unions.

By refusing to agree a formula, and by setting the amount at such a low level, the Government has failed to deliver its promise to end poverty pay.


London N1