Letter: Mink set free

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Sir: The media coverage of the release of mink from a Hampshire fur farm by animal liberationists is among the most biased and sensationalist seen for a long time. If we believed all we read we should declare a state of national emergency and nuke the nasty mink into oblivion. Some reports have claimed in the same article that the mink will eat all the wildlife yet starve to death!

The fact is that the mink have been given their only chance of freedom. Some will be killed after release, others will survive to swim in rivers, walk miles and have control over their own lives. The alternative is another few months in a bare wire cage going mad before being gassed and turned into a fur coat.

Given the opportunity, the mink will separate quickly and establish their own territories, and long-term will have no more drastic effect on other wild life than relatives such as stoats and weasels. The real issue is why the Government has consistently failed to honour its pre-election pledge to ban fur farming.


Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade