Letter: Morning after

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Sir: It is so sad to read ("Warning after the night before", 9 June) of people experiencing difficulty in accessing emergency contraception. Part of the problem for young people at school is that regulations appear to prevent staff giving plain, confidential advice. I have never thought that there are many teachers unwilling or unable to provide it. If I have understood correctly this also governs the actions of school nurses - often a concerned young woman's first resort.

Any young woman appearing at the reception desk of our GP practice, especially if looking either knowing or troubled, is seen within minutes - no questions asked. Sometimes the issue is emergency contraception, sometimes not.

Whilst I am sure that Carol and Imogen are being truthful (and if I had been either of them I would have punched most or all of their inquisitors), there is another tale to tell of prompt, non-judgemental and even friendly provision.


Haydon Bridge,