Letter: Morocco's claim

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Sir: Some press articles and letters to the editor with reference to Ceuta and Melilla report that, according to Spain, Morocco did not exist when Ceuta and Melilla fell into Spanish hands 400 years ago.

Morocco has existed both as a sovereign nation and state since the eighth century when the Idrisids founded their dynasty in Fez. Two Moroccan dynasties, the Almoravids in the 10th and 11th centuries and the Almohads in 12th century, succeeded in including large parts of Spain in their kingdom.

Having recovered its independence in 1956, Morocco has committed itself to claiming its legitimate sovereignty over all the national territory, including Ceuta and Melilla, which still remain under Spanish domination.

Determined to resolve conflicts by peaceful means, Morocco has proposed to Spain to set up a joint committee to find the way to hand back the two cities. Morocco has no intention of giving up until an end is put to this anachronistic situation.


Minister Counsellor for Press

Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco

London SW7