Letter: Mrs Blockit replies

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Mrs Blockit replies

Sir: Your Outlook column (18 June) claims credit for creating the nickname "Mrs Blockit" to describe my approach to mergers policy, explaining that I argued before the election that a bidder should demonstrate positive benefits for a merger before it could go ahead. You suggest this would have put paid to virtually all mergers and takeovers.

I am really pleased to have an explanation for something which has mildly puzzled me; it is now clearer why you keep accusing me of contradictory behaviour.

I am afraid, though, that I did not and have not ever put forward that proposal. It was party policy at some point before my tenure of this post but was certainly not put forward by me. Indeed, although I am aware that some people in the party have taken that view, it is one I have never shared.


President of the Board of Trade

Department of Trade and Industry

London SW1