Letter: Murdoch's bid

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Letter: Murdoch's bid

Sir: My nine-year-old son loves Manchester United Football Club with a passion which is heart-wrenching, even though he has only ever seen them on television. His bedroom is a shrine to Man U, full of merchandise we have bought him - despite misgivings at their callous commercialisation - because of his affection for the lads who play in the "Theatre of Dreams".

However, if the club is taken over by Rupert Murdoch, not only shall I be asking for a refund of our membership fees, but I shall do all in my power to redirect his loyalties to a more worthy target. It should be easy, as he will no longer have the opportunity to see his team play.

It was bad enough to see the club becoming the "Theatre of Dosh". A "Theatre of Media Domination" is something I will have no part of.