Letter: Musical backwater

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Musical backwater

Sir: Tony Flanaghan cannot possibly be serious when he claims that English cathedral choirs "represent the apogee of choral excellence" (letter, 22 May). Is he unaware of our great adult choirs and music festivals? The Bach Choir and the BBC Chorus, to name only two, sing far more exciting - and international - music than is found in most Anglican cathedrals. The Anglican organ-loft is a musical backwater.

Anglicans must stop thinking that they are specially favoured musically and liturgically, drop the pretentious preciosity which they share with neither the Free nor the Roman churches, and start to use adult mixed choirs (in lay dress, not in silly twee surplices) as part of the congregation rather than as "clerks" if they want to maintain or raise musical standards.


Gilwern, Gwent