Letter: My shame

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My shame

Sir: Please may I, via your letters page, beg forgiveness from Hunter Davies ("Hello, darling, I'm on the train", 17 May) and H T Jones (letter, 19 May) for being a poseur, drug dealer, yuppie, insecure youngster and socially/ professionally inept person? My sin is that I have the temerity to own a mobile telephone.

My personal reason for daring to own such a horrendous symbol of the decay of Western Civilisation is that I am my mother's official carer and there are times, whilst shopping, taking "time off" watching Bristol City lose again or watching the latest movies at my local cinema, when I am physically away from her, and yet I remain within easy contact should an emergency occur, thanks to the wonders of modern-day technology.

The reason I purchased a phone was that Mother was involved in a nasty accident earlier this year and it took a good hour before I arrived home and was informed of the incident. If I had had a phone, then I could have been informed of the situation within seconds.

Maybe Hunter Davies and H T Jones should get on with living their own lives and allow the rest of us to put technology to its best use.


Clevedon, Somerset