Letter: Names for genocide

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Sir: First we bomb a railway bridge, so cutting the main European international rail connection between Greece and Central Europe, when we could just have bombed the branch line going off from there into Kosovo. Then the bombing of Danube bridges cut that international waterway.

Now there has been extensive bombing of rail installations at Nis, which have presumably cut the European international rail route from Central Europe to Bulgaria and Turkey. Downstream of Yugoslavia the next rail crossing of the Danube is not until level with Bucharest, making a distinctly longer route from Central Europe to Turkey and an extremely long way round to western Bulgaria and Greece, even if the railways thereabouts have the capacity to cope with extra traffic.

Not being a military man, I pass no judgement on the rights and wrongs of bombing things purely Serbian towards a just cause, but I do take exception to the destruction of pan-European transport infrastructure, which will take a long time to rebuild.

Why can't we at least consider and negotiate on the Russian peace offer?