Letter: Nato terror raids

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Sir: Having been present in Trafalgar Square on Sunday 11 April, I would like to voice my disgust at the motley collection of greens, Marxists and anti-nuclear campaigners who allowed themselves to be associated with the Serbian nationalists protesting against Nato air strikes.

I respect their right to protest, but for them to align themselves with supporters of Milosevic's murderous regime is little short of a disgrace. Are we to understand that Tony Benn (for one) supports the policy of ethnic cleansing? If not, what other solution does he advocate to stop the scorched- earth policy of the Serbs?

I am glad that finally Milosevic has come up against a force stronger than his own. His capacity to pursue his vile policies of mass-murder and systematic rape of defenceless civilian populations must be removed to ensure no more repeats of the tragedies in Bosnia and Kosovo.


London NW1