Letter: Nato's fault, again

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Sir: When Nato forces hit the Chinese embassy building in Belgrade on Friday night the reports in the media were rapidly followed by protestations from the leaders of Nato countries that this had been a "tragic mistake" (Javier Solana). Although this response was somewhat predictable from the headquarters of an organisation that seems to be getting more experienced by the day at proffering long-winded apologies to someone or other, are we to believe them?

This particular air strike was apparently targeting "communications" in Belgrade. Am I right in thinking that the Chinese have an advanced satellite system which would be more than capable of transmitting information on the allied forces movements? Would it be too far-fetched to wonder if Nato suspected that the Chinese, who have been noticeably silent of late, could have been passing this information to Mr Milosevic?


Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire