Letter: Nato's fault, again

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Sir: I am in total disagreement with the blundering conduct of the illegal war in Yugoslavia. Nato leaders, unblooded in bombing or being bombed, appear to be making up the rules as they go along. Meanwhile the agony of the refugees continues, swelled by the suffering resulting from our bombing of civilian targets, accidental or otherwise.

As an RAF pilot during the Second World War, I flew four tours of operations against the Nazis. One of those tours was from besieged Malta GC, where some of our aircraft were sent to drop gold bars by night on Yugoslavia to help the Serb freedom fighters in their struggle - which was also our struggle - against Hitler.

In those days and in that war, my squadron did not bomb from 15,000 feet. We went right in and attacked from as low as 50 feet, thereby making sure we dropped on the right target.


Squadron Leader, RAFVR (retired)

Arundel, West Sussex