Letter: Nato's shame

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Sir: Every citizen of Nato countries bears the shame and guilt of their leaders for every mishandling of the Kosovo bombing campaign.

I was convinced at the beginning of the war of the necessity to stop the Milosevic regime from ethnic cleansing, and yet more convinced after the full brutality of the regime became clearer. But a "moral war" is nothing as soon as it loses the moral high ground.

As the campaign goes on with no use of the helicopters and close-range planes which can further "degrade" the Serbian military with less risk to the civilians we are supposed to be helping, with fighter planes continuing to fly too high to make a visual target verification, and with no commitment to the use of ground troops which every independent military strategist insists is imperative to end Milosevic's mischief, we sink further and further into a moral quagmire and lose any vestige of honour.


Whitby, North Yorkshire