Letter: No callous dean

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Sir: May I make some points about the article and headline, "Dean censured for `callous' sacking", (10 December)? I write as someone who has attended Westminster Abbey during 46 years. I have appreciated Dr Neary's music and would have many positive things to say about the Dean, Dr Wesley Carr.

The word "callous" is neither in Lord Jauncey's report nor in the body of the article as printed.

The first paragraph of the article states that the Dean was reprimanded by a government report for the way in which he dismissed Dr and Mrs Neary. The advice of Lord Jauncey to the Queen is not a government report.

Essentially he had to consider whether the Dean and Chapter (not the Dean alone) were justified in concluding that actions amounting to gross misconduct had occurred.


(Worthing West, C)

House of Commons

London SW1