Letter: No `collapse'

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Sir: Whilst I hope to be able to comment, in due course, and following publication of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report, on the issues arising from this tragic case, might I take this opportunity to correct a minor, but irritating, error in the reporting of my evidence to the Inquiry.

The transcript of my evidence apparently records me as saying that, on learning of the intention to launch the private prosecution, "I collapsed in the street". In fact my collapse occurred some two weeks earlier due to my medical condition and had nothing to do with the murder. The relevance of this was that, as accurately reported, I was ill at home when I heard of the private prosecution and contacted Imran Khan in an effort to stop or delay the private prosecution.

As this "collapse" is in danger of assuming legendary proportions, I would be grateful if the record could be put straight.


Former Assistant Chief Crown Prosecutor

London NW4