Letter: No faith in Nato

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Sir: There is an old Macedonian saying: "When the horse kicks, the donkey gets kicked and suffers."

Macedonia is full of Albanian refugees and is, willy-nilly, becoming host to Nato troops which outnumber the local army. The Macedonian government is desperately trying to maintain stability in the face of the increasing passions of its own ethnic minorities. The swelling number of Kosovan refugees is making it increasingly very difficult. It does not take a genius to figure out that a government that has been and is bending over backwards in order to avoid violence will not be able to sustain it for much longer.

At the moment the pressing concern is this: are we not creating a safe haven which will eventually become another Kosovo?

Are we helping Kosovans to survive this humanitarian catastrophe or are we helping them to build another "Kosovo" further south in Macedonia?

Can the horse not think before meddling in another country's future?