Letter: No faith in Nato

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Sir: Comparisons with Germany's failure in the war are meaningless. We are not trying to bring justice to Serbia, but only to Kosovo. There, virtually the entire population (the "partisans") want us to succeed.

To argue that the attack is immoral because innocent people will be killed is specious. The purpose of our action is to stop the Serbs systematically killing innocent people.

The Serbs' resolve may well be strengthened by being attacked. It is anyone's guess whether they think denying human rights in Kosovo is worth it. But once they are prevented from deploying armour and artillery there, the KLA will be on more equal terms to resolve the position in Kosovo. Resistance in Serbia is irrelevant since no one wants to invade it.

Regarding the Security Council, I'm not too perturbed morally when I see who opposes the action.