Letter: No royal wimp

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No royal wimp

Sir: Kirsty McLeod's article on royal parenting (Historical Notes, 15 February) is not the good advertisement for her book Battle Royal that she obviously hopes.

Apart from the politically incorrect mocking of an individual with knock- knees how does one's "upbringing" produce this physical defect? My own son suffered from it, not I hope because if the way we brought him up. However he managed to survive thirty years in the infantry, including a spell in the Parachute Regiment.

Nor can George VI have been all that of an invalid if he managed to survive Dartmouth pre-1914 and active service at sea in 1914-18, including Jutland. He also coped with the then dangerous activity of learning to fly as an RAF pilot and was a keen rider to hounds.

Wing Commander TOM HUDSON