Letter: Not so dumb

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Sir: Like Terence Blacker, I too greatly regret the rapid descent of Talk Radio from a station that uniquely gave free rein to much needed debates to a nondescript sport and consumerist chat concession. However, I cannot see why this should be ascribed to "male values".

Earlier this year, again like Blacker, I was a guest on Talk Radio just before its transformation. In my capacity as a men's rights advocate I was afforded a two-hour slot to air my concerns on a Saturday-night phone- in show. The show fizzed to bursting point and was judged a success by the erstwhile presenter of the programme. There were many calls, and many of them came from young men who had articulate things to say about their condition.

These are the very young men Blacker and Talk Radio imagine to be only interested in cars and football - much as if women were thought to be only interested in knitting and perfume!