Letter: Not too sensational

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Sir: I see our brave young artist iconoclasts are once again puncturing the conceits and pretensions of the bourgeoisie; this time by way of the "Sensation" exhibition, which looks likely to cause the closure of the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York City ("Hirst exhibition sick stuff says Mayor Giuliani", 24 September).

I'd be so much more impressed by the actions of these brave boys, though, if just for once they trashed the icons of someone who might hit back - like Muslims. Why are these courageous displays of free thought always directed against a toothless Catholic Church?

It has been centuries since a Pope had somebody murdered. The Ayatollahs are a different matter. When I see Chris Ofili exhibiting copies of the Koran, rather than Madonnas, painted with excrement I might applaud the artist's integrity (though, nothing else about him).


New Canaan, Connecticut, USA