Letter: Nuclear clean-up

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Sir: The blackmailing of the German government by BNFL's threat to send back untreated nuclear waste and thereby provoke civil unrest as well as causing insurmountable storage difficulties, shows how far the nuclear industry is prepared to go .

Whilst respecting international commercial law, the Green Party argues against attempts to bind future governments (whether British or German) to political decisions on the grounds of spuriously commercial commitments. The Green solution is to store the existing waste above ground at its present location (at least for the time being), not to exacerbate the dangers by transporting the material back through England to Europe. Of course a hefty fee for safe storage would be agreed.

BNFL's threat amounts to a challenge for protest in this country too. It is a credit to the nuclear industries' PR skills and political clout that there is as yet so little public alarm in this country.


Executive Chair


Technology Spokesman


Legal Adviser

The Green Party

London N19