Letter: Off the road

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Sir: Deborah Orr is right to comment on the commuting journeys made by some senior administrators and their staff. However, she misses the real point.

The matter that should be discussed is not the method of transport that they select but that the trip is made in the first place. An organisation as well funded and resourced as the Environmental Agency should be able to find a sufficiently trained and experienced chauffeur for its chairman living within, say, five miles of the Millbank Tower in London.

The chairman of that august agency, surely a very busy man, should be able to find accommodation within the same distance of his place of work. If he cannot, then within the City of Westminster and its neighbourhood are a number of highly qualified and well connected people who could take that job on.

The chairman is, after all, responsible for the environment, and the environment is best protected by the reduction in the number and length of journeys made, not just changing the method of travel.


Tadley, Hampshire