Letter: On the catwalk...

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On the catwalk...

Sir: Many of the charges levelled at the fashion industry by Tamsin Blanchard are entirely justified. But her vitriolic tirade ("The outfits Dior didn't want you to know about", 14 October) against a man widely recognised as one of the few decent blokes in an industry full of paranoid deviants and sociopaths needs to be challenged. She could have chosen from a long line-up of far more suitable targets.

If John Galliano is such a "fragile bird", why hasn't he had her "disinvited" or banned before now? For the past few seasons her reviews of his work have been rather withering. Many people weren't invited to the Dior show this season. I wasn't and I'm working on a profile of John Galliano and his business, which saw a 137-per-cent leap in profits over the past year. Not bad for someone who's lost his grip on reality.

Dior's explanation, that it was due to a lack of space, was actually true, as anyone familiar with their Avenue Montaigne premises can confirm. Not that there's ever much space at fashion shows. All those competing egos expand into any available gap.