Letter: Only a smack

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Sir: Philip Hodson ("Smack addicts", 25 September), uses the tactics one associates with politically correct thinking on the discipline of children. Rule 1: Never use the word "smack", when "hit" has far more resonance. Rule 2: Quote the most outrageous examples. No one who would advocate the right of parents to administer a smack to a child necessarily supports the methods extolled by the Ezzos. Their proposals probably come close to systematic abuse.

There are laws in this country already governing abuse and harm to children. The reaction of Paul Boateng, the health minister, to the European ruling is the only sensible one and, I am sure he will be supported by loving and supportive parents who wish to bring up their children in a civilised manner. To compare smacking to child abuse does no one any favours.


Faversham, Kent