Letter: Organ-loft lauded

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Sir: Alan Hall (letter, 25 May) wants to see adult mixed choirs in lay dress. From my experience that means silly twee floral print dresses and handbags in procession. Even those adult choirs that adopt a uniform try to mimic choristers' ruffs (at least for the ladies)!

On a more serious note, the singing in our cathedrals at daily evensong, Sunday services and at festivals throughout the year is the envy of the world. Our cathedral choirs sing to full houses when they tour overseas. The training and experience gained by boy and girl choristers gives them a very firm footing if they wish to pursue careers in music, and far from usurping the boys, girl choristers stimulate their competitive spirit, thus raising the overall standard.

Of course I am aware of the Bach Choir and the BBC Chorus; both have very high standards and do sing exciting music. But where would the Bach Choir be without the influence of those trained in the Anglican organ- loft?


Salisbury, Wiltshire