Letter: Palace coup

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Sir: On 3 March Bromley Council had to commence the eviction of a group of squatters at great cost and risk to the staff of the under- sheriff, police and security teams which was only concluded last week when the last two walked out.

What they and the Crystal Palace Campaign ("A whiff of the secret state in a suburb", 15 March) wish to deny the local community is much more than just a leisure development. They are also trying to deny the business and resident communities access to a pounds 150m regeneration scheme which will include the creation of 1,100 new full-time jobs, 120 new businesses and expenditure of pounds 5m on training and educational projects.

They would also deny us the opportunity to expand and improve the historical Crystal Palace Park they claim to defend.

Your article gives a figure of 2,000 police and security guards as being present; 300 is more accurate.


Leader, Liberal Democrat Group


Leader, Labour Group


Leader, Conservative Group

Bromley Council, Kent