Letter: Pensioners ignored

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Pensioners ignored

Sir: The three party conferences displayed one glaring omission - pensioners and the declining state pension. A fifth of the electorate ignored. Why?

Perhaps the Conservatives were ashamed that by removing the link with average earnings in 1980 they forced 73 per cent of pensioners into incomes below the level Age Concern says is necessary for a dignified, independent life; 2.5 million depend on expensive and inefficient means testing for Income Support.

Perhaps the Labour Party were ashamed that they have done nothing to alleviate the situation. Ashamed that the Prime Minister's pledge about the state pension forming the foundation of retirement income remains unfulfilled. So ashamed they went into closed session to discuss pensions.

Perhaps the Liberal Democrats had other things on their mind.

Perhaps the three parties would do well to remember that 10 million pensioners all have votes.