Letter: Pensioners' rally

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Sir: Last Saturday my wife and I travelled up to London to take part in the National Pensioners' Convention march and rally to campaign for a proper pension. We felt it was worthwhile, even if it was a tax on our slender resources, financial and physical.

Hoping to be part of the domestic story of the weekend, we were dismayed to find that our efforts were ignored by the media, the attention of which was focused on yet another bail-out for the farming industry.

We live in an area where agricultural land changes hands at pounds 4,000 an acre, which makes even a small farm worth, say, half a million. If pensioners had assets like this, they would not have to try to press their case on an indifferent government, a government which is proposing a rise next year of 70 pennies for its pensioners.


Leominster, Herefordshire