Letter: Pinochet's law

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Sir: Ken Livingstone is mistaken in asserting that Britain has no real long-term interest in the Falklands (Comment, 28 October). The South Atlantic and Antarctica hold vast petroleum deposits. A few decades hence, when the rest of the world's oil is running out, the Falklands/ Malvinas will prove to be - in the words of Admiral Jacky Fisher - one of the keys to the world.

It is ironic that Livingstone's comments occur in the context of an argument about Thatcher's fondness for General Pinochet. As a liberal leftist Livingstone is unable to recognise the realities of power. President Allende shared his blindness in his decision to trust the Chilean military and not arm the Chilean working class. This was a major factor in the success of Pinochet's coup.


London NW6