Letter: Plea for peace

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Sir: Bruce Young (letter, 20 April) informs us that 200,000 Serbs left their homes and belongings in the Krajina region of Croatia in August 1995 merely because their Serb leaders told them to.

In fact, prosecutors at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal have the names of three Croatian generals who are wanted for the crime of raining shells on the civilian inhabitants of Knin, the main city in Krajina, in August 1995. Such atrocities, and others recorded by human rights agencies, precipitated the Serb flight.

Ethnic cleansing is ethnic cleansing no matter who the perpetrators. Or has the doublethink which Robert Fisk has so outstandingly exposed in The Independent gone so far that any crime can be excused in order to justify the madness of Nato's bombing campaign?