Letter: Power to Lib Dems

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Sir: It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the system of electoral reform being suggested would appear to be more to do with ensuring that the Blair/Ashdown pact continues to maintain a majority for the foreseeable future, rather than offering a radical electoral system which is fair and proportional.

As you rightly claim, the political differences between the two leaderships are becoming hard to distinguish and it would seem only fair to offer the electorate an opportunity for their votes for an alternative, such as the Green Party, to actually mean something. Lord Jenkins has already stated that his proposed system will still allow a party which receives less than 50 per cent of the vote to gain a majority - a rather perverse definition of the term "proportional".

The proposed new system, which is unlikely to be put in place before 2006 - if at all - will guarantee extra seats for Liberal Democrats and yet deny the Conservatives more than they have at present. At the same time, even if 15 per cent of the electorate choose to vote for the Green Party that proportion of the electorate will still be denied any representation in Parliament.


Green Party

Southampton, Hampshire