Letter: PR is good business

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PR is good business

Sir: Tim Melville-Ross of the Institute of Directors argues that electoral reform at Westminster would be bad news for business (letter, 19 May). Many in the business community take the opposite view.

The electoral system (AV-plus) proposed by Lord Jenkins's commission would retain the best elements of our present system but would guarantee fairer representation of people and parties in Parliament.

First-past-the-post delivers wild swings in party control of the political process and dramatic shifts in macroeconomic policy areas such as employment law. This has a dramatic effect on business and undermines its ability to plan and invest successfully.

The Jenkins proposals would deliver strong government and create a political system characterised by continuous and incremental change, exactly the environment that business needs. Making sure that everyone's vote counts would not only be good for British politics, it would also be good for British business.


Teffont Magna, Wiltshire