Letter: Praise for surgeon

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Sir: We are writing to you as the mother and grandmother of one of the children treated for heart complains in Bristol. Angus, who is now five, had his operation a little more than three years ago, and Mr Dhasmana was his surgeon.

We cannot speak highly enough of the care and support which Angus and all the family received, from everyone at the hospital, and most particularly from Mr Dhasmana himself. After the operation, he visited Angus at least once every day, and sometimes more. Before the operation, he explained the risks carefully and openly, giving us, Angus's family, all the information we needed to make our decision about the operation. In addition, he spoke openly and honestly about the situation at the hospital, and offered to refer Angus to another surgeon elsewhere if we wished.

We cannot begin to imagine how dreadful it must be to lose a child - our hearts go out to the parents of those who died. But we must remember that for each tragedy there were many thousands of miracles. We wish to express our support for Mr Dhasmana, and our dismay at what is being said about him and done to him.



Churchdown, Gloucester.