Letter: Price of food

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Sir: This was the Common Agricultural Policy reform that never was ("Blair condemns `historic' CAP reform as farmers celebrate", 12 March).

Not only did the farmers who get an extra pounds 1bn in taxpayers' money get away with no limits or condition attached to their subsidies, but the price cuts were small and compensation payments large. And, as usual, rural communities and the environment were almost forgotten. No change there then.

Meanwhile the Minister for Agriculture tries to give it a positive spin by saying we will all benefit, as we'll save pounds 70 on our annual food bill. In reality, only about 15 per cent of the price we pay in shops goes to the farmers so supermarkets are highly unlikely to pass on any small savings there to the shoppers. We need a CAP but not this CAP, which remains the wrong policy at the wrong time supporting the wrong things.



Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Environment Alliance

London N1