Letter: Principled defector

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Sir: Whilst Shaun Woodward is entitled to change his opinions, if he were truly a man of principle he would allow the electorate in his constituency to decide whether or not they regard Mr Hague's opposition to the promotion of homosexuality in schools as being the view of a right-wing extremist.

One wonders whether Mr Hague's reaction to Mr Woodward's defection would have been the same had it been a defection in the opposite direction. Nevertheless it is wrong that someone who has been elected for one party should be able to betray electors in this way and serves only to increase the cynicism which so many people already have for their political leaders.

That a prime minister supposedly elected on an anti-sleaze ticket and one who claims to be a practising Christian is prepared to justify such behaviour is quite hypocritical. Is it any wonder that the number of those bothering to vote is rapidly decreasing?


Potters Bar, Hertfordshir