Letter: Prison trust head

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Sir: Ken Jones, the director of the Kairos/APAC Trust, has been employed by the trust for nearly two years ("The evangelical fraudster tasked with showing prisoners the light", 8 January).

During this period he has worked with great energy, vision and commitment for the benefit of men and women in prison.

He has gained the respect of many professional people in the prison service and the charitable sector and during his time with the trust there has been no question about his integrity.

The trust has proper financial procedures in place with checks and balances. Ken Jones is not a signatory for the accounts, at his own request, nor does he undertake any financial administration. He knows more than anyone the need for the financial accounting to be transparent and above reproach.

The accounts are independently audited and are open to inspection by the Charity Commission.

The trust has been welcomed into a range of prison regimes by governors, the Prison Officers Association, staff, chaplains and inmates as a breath of fresh air.


Chairman of Trustees

The Kairos/APAC Trust