Letter: Private dicke

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Sir: I am surprised to read that Miles Kington (20 August) believes William Thacker to be the only film hero ever named after a famous author with the last two letters removed.

He has obviously never seen South Kensington, featuring two very ordinary booksellers, Samuel Richards and Robert Louis Stevens, whose lives are changed by a visit from private detective Charles Dicke.

Dicke and his Polynesian assistant, Mark Twa, are investigating the death of the cult priest George Eli, who had been involved with Chinese stripper Virginia Woo.

Suspicion rests on the circus duo Anthony Trollo and Lewis Carro, together with the beautiful Lady Charlotte Bron, but behind it all lies the sinister hand of the self-proclaimed messiah Agatha Christ and her opium-addicted sex slave, James Joy.


Basildon, Essex