Letter: Psychology of speed

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Sir: It is perhaps not surprising that most motorists who disregard speed limits find it difficult to articulate why they do so (report, 14 July). This would make an interesting psychological study.

Some of the more obvious which occur to me are: they have failed to notice the speed limit signs; they have seen the signs, but assume that they are meant for someone else; they have spent several hundred pounds learning how to drive properly, and have decided that it is now OK to drive any way they like; they feel embarrassed at the thought of "holding up" traffic behind them; they are not in the habit of looking at their speedometer; they have been away much longer than expected, and it's long past the cat's feeding time; they simply feel that life is too short to bother about speed limits, not appreciating that life for themselves and others can indeed prove to be so.

Those who speed because they believe they have better than average driving skills overlook the fact that acceptable driving skills include the ability to keep within the legal speed limits.